10 reasons to buy a new fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Submitted by admin on Sun, 07/14/2019 - 09:46

A fresh look at the popular fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4. After the first sales, almost a month passed and, based on personal impressions and comparison with the previous model, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 made a list of the advantages of the new product.

You can buy a new fitness bracelet on Aliexpress and not only; when choosing, pay attention to the store rating and version of the bracelet. There are versions of Mi Band 4 without NFC (XMSH07HM) and with NFC (XMSH06HM). For themselves, say the number of sales and reviews. As well as a number of sellers in the purchase gives a gift interchangeable original bracelets or protective glass / film.

I liked the bracelet, I have been using MiBand since 2014, when the first models came out. I'm used to))))

But the functionality is noticeably lacking, especially against the background of competitors and third-party applications for the bracelet.

1. New. Naturally, the new Xiaomi MiBand 4 has a certain Wow-effect and attracts the interest of others. If you are used to be in trend, then it's time to update your bracelet!

2. Unlike its predecessors, the bracelet Xiaomi MiBand 4 received a bright color screen. The sun is quite readable. There is a display of the level of charge, daily activity, current time and date.

3. Additionally, the bracelet was able to display notifications. Out of the box there is support for Cyrillic with normal (!) Fonts. After all the trouble with firmware through non-original applications and rollback of versions, it turned out to be extremely convenient. The application allows you to customize software services, such as displaying weather forecasts, posters, broadcasting emails, social networks and instant messengers.

4. The bracelet has a built-in music player control. Finally finished the necessary function !!!

We make a simple swipe away from the main screen and get access to the player.

5. A highlight of model - the color touch display. Now not only the button area, as in Miband2, is active, but the entire surface of a 0.95 "color AMOLED display with a resolution of 240 × 120 pixels. This is somewhat larger than that of Miband3.

The application has the ability to customize the dial and select the interface themes.

6. Bracelet MiBand 4 received a correctly working new heart rate monitor. Now it is not possible to measure the number of beats per minute on a roll of toilet paper. And in the new version this sensor is also used as a sensor that determines whether the bracelet is installed on the arm.

7. The novelty uses an economical and modern Bluetooth 5.0 BLE module, which, taking into account the color display, gives a slight increase in autonomy compared to MiBand 3. By the way, the battery is now as much as 135 mAh vs. 110 mAh for MiBand 3.

8. In Xiaomi Mi Band4 added a new type of charging. Now these are spring-loaded contacts on the bottom of the capsule, like on xiaomi hey + bracelets. But to charge the capsule all the same you need to remove from the bracelet.

9. The new version added even more fitness activities. Now the GPS track of movement is tracked, which can then be viewed on the smartphone map in the application. The device uses a 6-axis accelerometer and there is a new type of activity detector. The bracelet is now watching if you have stayed behind the workplace. And also can determine the types of activity on their own. In the old MiBand 3, such functions were absent, and the accelerometer was applied on 4 axes.

10. And finally, the cherry on the cake. I lost my charge from my beloved MiBand3. Got to look for Ali charging, and drew attention to this MiBand bracelet. It turned out to be easier to pay and take a novelty, than to bang the old capsule.

A nice plus - the application remains old, MiFit. You do not need to delete anything, just attach a new bracelet, deactivate the old one with saving the settings. Please note that the menu has added items with the display of the dial skins and a choice of activities.

By the way. I came up with a strap from the old Mi Band 3. So there is a possibility that other accessories will be compatible (except for charging).

You can buy the links below. Look for the global version.

Please note that vendors donate protective films and interchangeable straps as a gift.